What is an HSP?

Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs)

HSPs are people who possess a combination of acute sensory and emotional awareness. They can be easily overwhelmed when they’re over-stimulated, or can notice small changes in a room before anyone else. They can easily tap into their emotions, but are also astute and perceptive individuals. They may feel out of place in a society that doesn’t tolerate or accommodate their heightened sensitivity, but they’re highly capable people.

Our nervous systems are wired to be more sensitive than most others. As a result, they experience increased arousal as a reaction to various stimuli within their environment; this is the defining trait of a Sensory Processing Sensitivity: overarousal. According to Elaine N. Aaron, Ph.D, the psychologist who discovered the trait and coined the term “Highly Sensitive Person” in 1991, says, “The difference in arousability means that HSPs notice levels of stimulation that go on observed by others.” This of course, results in the personality trait of being highly sensitive.


of the population have the HSP trait, which was likely inherited.
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Some Traits of HSPs

You think deeply

You feel deeply

You have strong, positive, almost euphoric reactions to beauty & the arts

You get hangry

You highly value intimacy in all your relationships, not just romantic

You cry easily

You’re extra sensitive to sounds, smells, & textures

You NEED your emotions noticed & VALIDATED. Always.

You’re easily spooked

Your intuition is strong

You’re highly passionate

You fall HARD & often fast, in love

You have an exceptionally hard time with conflict

You have strong, negative reactions to violence, horror, injustices, & the like

You’re easily overwhelmed & overstimulated

You notice things that others miss

You’re an empath

You have a rich, complex mind - you’re not simple-minded