Personal Scripts Written for Navigating Hard Conversations
with Alexandria Thibodeaux

This service is:

  • Premium
  • High-Level
  • Custom
  • 1-1

This service provides:

  • A script written & tailored to your unique, hard conversation needs
  • All-day, 1-1 access to me & my guidance
  • A coaching session to review & practice the script
  • Unique interpersonal communication skills & a strategy for using said skills during future hard conversations
  • Transformation from avoidance, uncertainty, & insecurity to assertiveness, clarity, & inner security!

"Ughhhh! I don’t want to think about this, let alone DO IT! I know this will benefit me but the idea of figuring this out and/or doing it stresses me out so much that I put it off, try to put it out of my mind, and avoid it."


"Wow...I was so stressed about thinking about this, let alone having the emotional capacity to execute the planning process do this right now, and LOOK — IT’S DONE ALREADY! IN 1 DAY!"

I’ve removed the stress of YOU having to kick off this process. Now, you can focus on using your power to assert your needs, declare your thoughts, and advocate for yourself.

There are copywriters for sales/business articulation. Why aren’t there copywriters for hard conversations?

There are! I made it a thing! I’m your interpersonal communication copywriter! I write personalized & tailored scripts for navigating hard conversations.

Need to:

  • set a boundry?
  • make a declaration (asserting your thoughts, feelings, and experience)?
  • make a request (ask for what you want and need)?

I’ll write the script for you!

I articulate the script in a way that preserves your integrity and allows you to assert yourself with clarity, poise, & inner-security.

Benefits to client:

  • This is a tangible solution.
  • It's a 1-day solution.
  • It's a booster ; a VIP Day gets you where you need to go quickly.
  • You save time: you will spend more time working 1-1 with a therapist or with another coach over the course of several weeks, as apposed to working 1-1 with me during a VIP Day, an entire day dedicated to deeply understanding the reality of your unique situation & needs and receiving an aligned & custom resolution to your predicament.
  • No more avoiding.
  • You now have clarity instead of questions.
  • You use your voice to speak with clarity & confidence because you now have aligned words to articulate & assert your thoughts & feelings.
  • You honor & preserve your integrity; this script is not generic or standard -- it will be tailored to your unique, personal reality and challenge.
  • You learn effecitve, unique, & highly valuable interpersonal communication skills and a strategy for using those skills during future, hard conversations.

What you get:

  • An information session — we will speak on google meet for 2 hours to discuss your needs: the topic, or the task, of communication you need a written script for (a boundary, a declaration, or request), take that information and honor how you want to be represented in this confrontation, and write a uniquely tailored script to guide you through this confrontation with poise, integrity, and inner-security.
  • A completed script emailed to you by end of day.
  • A coaching session for us to review and practice the script at the end of the day.

I'll have it written and sent to you ALL IN JUST ONE DAY!

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