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Eunoia - Metanoia

Eunoia is a Greek word meaning “beautiful thinking, a well mind.Metanoia is also a Greek word meaning “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.”

I want to help you reach a a state of eunoia. And as your coach, I would be humbled and honored to be part of your metanoia.

We all need a little help sometimes in navigating solutions to life’s difficulties and challenges, especially when it comes to relationships – and that’s perfectly okay and acceptable; we are 1 of over 7 billion people in the world so it’s expected that we learn from each other. I, myself have my own coaches and mentors.

As an HSP myself, a skilled communicator, and a lover of community and relationships, I would be honored and humbled to help you through this journey.

In the wise words of Leslie Knope, “no one achieves anything alone.”

HSP Serenity

A 12 week program dedicated to helping you strengthen the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself, AND the program guides you through how to create and maintain secure, fulfilling interpersonal relationships through healing the self.

Embrace & understand your trait of High Sensitivity to cultivate a secure and conscious relationship to self. Doing so fosters self-understanding, self-compassion, self-empowerment, self-love and ultimately, a self-reverent relationship. Being Highly Sensitive can be challenging at times but it’s also our greatest superpower – embracing and owning that is self-reverence.

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships. So without a secure, conscious relationship to self that embodies self-reverence, we cannot nourish and maintain secure, fulfilling interpersonal relationships.

HSP Serenity is an expansive and abundant journey to self-understanding on a deep, transformational level – it’s like attending higher education for your mental health and well-being. You work to unfold your highest self and I am here to help facilitate your HSP Renaissance!

In the words of the great Leslie Knope: “No one achieves anything alone.”

Now let’s get to work!

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Week 1: HSP Self-understanding

This is the foundation for creating a self-reverent relationship. Before we can delve into and understand how being an HSP affects our relationships, we must first gain a thorough understanding of our temperament. In this lesson, you will take an HSP assessment to determine your score on the HSP spectrum – this will allow you gain a precise understanding of just how sensitive you are, to what you’re sensitive to, and why you’re sensitive to those particular things.

Week 2: Shadow Work and Childhood Conditioning Self-Understanding

Shadow work

Shadow work is the process by which “we illuminate the very aspects of our personality and behaviors that we keep hidden. These aspects are often what fuels our unconscious beliefs about not being good enough, being too much, different or separate from others. Shadow work allows us to witness all parts of ourselves and integrate them so we can achieve true self-acceptance” (Sheleana Aiyana).

Childhood is when this shadow starts to develop and also when we learn about relationship dynamics and expectations from our place of origin – our families. And as children, we quickly grasp this information and process it deeply, more so for the highly sensitive children who are exceptionally aware of subtleties in our environments.

Week 3: Self-Acceptance & Self-Love


It’s not enough to understand the specifics of our temperament and how it affects us. And it’s not enough to acknowledge and understand through shadow work how our childhood history shaped us into the adults we are. We also need to accept our stories, our truth.


We focus on self-worth in this section.

After we build a strong, thorough understanding of ourselves and then embrace our truth and own our stories with self- acceptance, the next step to healing is loving ourselves – deeply loving ourselves.

Week 4: Self-Empowerment

This is the time to harness and put into practice your 3 weeks of shadow work, 3 weeks of self-clarity, & 3 weeks of cultivating & nourishing a conscious relationship to self.

Week 5: Boundary Setting

This lesson is about preserving your safety.

Oftentimes we know we need boundaries to help us live more peacefully but we don’t understand exactly what boundaries we need, who they should be for, how to set them, how to implement them, and how to know when to implement them. This lesson will guide you to clarity on all things boundaries.

Week 6: Gender Roles and the HSP

Men are not allowed to be sensitive, let alone express or show their sensitivity. Pair that with highly sensitive men who feel and cry more easily than most men, and we have a man targeted for rejection.

Women are already expected to put every one else in the world before themselves, pair that with highly sensitive women who are highly empathic and deeply process and ruminate more than non-HSPs, and we have a women targeted for a lost sense of self.

Per Dr. Aron, “rigid gender stereotypes and prejudices cause trouble for everyone, but more trouble for HSPs. We fit the stereotypes less and suffer from all the effects of the prejudice is more. As a result, we can have special difficulties with the other gender – mistrust, fear of rejection, misunderstandings.

This lesson addresses how your gender and your temperament influence each other and I’ll guide you through how to use both to your advantage in relationships and in daily life.

Week 7: Fear of Intimacy

Per Dr. Elaine Aron, the psychologist who discovered and coined the term highly sensitive person, says:

“As HSPs, you and I are by nature design to take a risk into account very carefully before we act. Intimacy with another person certainly involves risk’s – loss, betrayal, abandonment or being used or controlled by the other person, just for starters. So I’ll intimacy is highly praised these days and sounds wonderful in theory, and practice, all HSPs have their reasons to pause before plunging in – some reasons are conscious some are less conscious.”

In this lesson, we will focus on shadow work to bring light to the unconscious reasons HSPs – and you in particular, fear intimacy, and examine them.

Week 8: Falling in Love

 Falling in love is an overwhelmingly intense sensory experience for HSPs. And as a result, we fall harder and usually quicker in love than non-HSPs.

In this lesson, we will look at your past experiences of falling in love and how they have influenced how you view and look, and show up in love now.

Week 9: HSPs with non-HSPs

Per Dr. Aron, “about half of all HSPs have partners who are not HSPs. Also, more than 50% of us think we are with non-HSPs when we actually aren’t. Further, just has no two people are exactly the same height, in every couple one person is more sensitive, the other at least a little less – or 1 HSP’s sensitivity is stronger in some ways , the HSP partner’s in other ways.”

In this lesson we will explore:

  • How the two will be benefit from your differences
  • How are you, the HSP, personally benefit
  • How are your non-HSP partner benefits
  • The challenges and solutions

Week 10: HSPs with HSPs

Generally HSPs with other HSPs makes for a great relationship. With That said, HSPs with HSPs seems like a dream scenario but because there’s a double dose of sensitivity, their own issues arise.

In this lesson we will discover:

  • How the two of you benefit from your similarity
  • How are you personally benefit from your similarity
  • The challenges and some solutions

Week 11: Friends & family Communication Dynamics

After completing our own inner work, we are now able to hold space for others.

In this lesson we will explore:

  • How to integrate your healed self into friend and familial relationships while living in your integrity and honoring your needs and boundaries
  • How to effectively and productively deal with conflict

Week 12: Relationship advice tailored to the HSP

We HSPs are different and we have to do things the HSP way – our way. In this lesson, we integrate HSP processing into all stages of romantic relationships in ways to help us find the right partners, communicate effectively, and express & honor our needs and the needs of our partner.


Relationships hold paramount significance  in everyone’s life; healthy relationships foster personal-growth and unhealthy relationships foster regression. As social beings, all of our relationships should be prioritized because we are wired to connect with one another – we need each other to survive.

HSPs notice subtleties in our environments and in the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people that often go unnoticed by others. Most of us are empaths, too. We’re also deep feelers, deep thinkers and are highly reflective.

All of this creates overarousal – the Achilles’ heel and the # 1 defining characteristic of an HSP.

You know that quote that says “it’s both a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply”? That quote is definitely about HSPs.

HSPs experience heightened senses of joy and happiness, often making us feel truly blissful and euphoric; this gift is a true fortune and makes life extremely pleasurable and exciting at times. But when HSPs experience any sort of discomfort, mental and physical – that’s where we can run into trouble.

I teach you how to manage these challenging situations in ways that will bring you a more profound understanding of yourself and make you feel empowered and filled with self-love.

And if you know an HSP, I’ll help you gain a thorough understanding of their trait and what you can do to empower yourself when communicating with them. Without proper communication there is no trust, a lack of honesty, and there’s no real loyalty. Therefore, there is no growth in a relationship.

But most of all, I’ll show both HSPs and non-HPSs how to embrace HSPs’ extraordinary capacity to be exceptional companions, friends, partners, parents, employees, and the like.

Once HSPs honor our needs, have our needs honored by others, and set appropriate boundaries that are continuously honored, life is a lot breezier for all involved.

Let’s work together and achieve together. Eunoia for the win!