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For leaders in entrepreneurship and business ownership

Learn valuable and unique interpersonal communication skills that allow you to communicate with your team with empathy, clarity, poise, and confidence.

Your company’s sales and overall performance shouldn’t suffer due to poor communication. I help you make sure that never happens in YOUR business.

Businesses fail when managers don’t lead with effective communication. I’m talking:
  • Empathy
  • Clarity
  • Poise
  • Honesty
  • Inner-security
  • Integrity
Consequences of poor & ineffective communication from leaders projects confusing leadership into our employees. This causes consequences such as:
  • poorly defined performance expectations
  • unclear delegation of tasks, so assignments get lost in translation
  • poorly-prepared and poorly executed projects, events, & tasks
  • high employee turnover rates
  • a chaotic & disorganized work environment
  • a lack of understanding in the company‘s mission & values because they were not clearly stated
You need your team’s trust. Employees lose trust in business leaders when:
  • thorough, honest, empathetic, & consistent feedback is not given
  • the manager doesn’t take responsibility for their mistakes
  • the manager is hard for employees to reach and speak with 1-1
  • employees don’t feel secure in their performance
  • employees’ quality of life is not prioritized
  • employees don’t feel valued for the errorless & contributions to the company
  • employee opinions aren’t heard or considered
Like every human being, entrepreneurs & business owners also struggle with:
  1. Processing, articulating, and initiating hard feedback & hard conversations with their team members
  2. Setting boundaries with their team
  3. Making serious declarations to their team
  4. Making thorough & clear requests to their team members
  5. Communicating vulnerably with their team
Like all human beings, entrepreneurs/business owners also struggle with:
  • Advocating for their needs and the needs of the business
  • Asserting themselves, their thoughts, & feelings to their team members
  • Even taking the plunge to hire or fire someone for or from their team
Effective communication is key to growing & sustaining a socially & financially successful business!

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