Becoming a Highly Sensitive Radical

Use the strength of sensitivity to radically advocate for yourself and for others.
Join and connect with other HSPs from all over the world.

Course begins June 15th, 2022.
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If you're looking to radicalize the world for the betterment of yourself and others, start by radicalizing yourself and your world; become a Highly Sensitive Radical and learn how to use your innate sensitivity to audaciously advocate for yourself!

With effervescence and honesty, these three modules will provide you the self-understanding and guidance needed to understand and utilize your personal agency and make a real difference in your reality, in that of others, and in turn, in the world you want to live in.

You will engage in the internal and external work needed to speak and act with integrity & conviction instead of avoiding confrontation or dismissing our true feelings for the comfort and convenience of others.

The point is not to overstimulate ourselves or become a martyr, but to use our sharp detection, keen discernment, and acute feelings to say what's not being said and do what's not being done in the face of bullies and bullshit. Let's go!

The Breakdown

This course includes:

Three video modules led by Alexandria, including a worksheet walking you through self-advocacy and external work, surrounded by a community of other highly sensitive persons (HSPs).

A weekly LIVE Q&A for a month, led by Alexandria. (Recorded version will be emailed next day for those unable to attend live).

Access to the course for 90 days to go at your own pace.

Connection with others HSPs from around the world.

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Alexandria Thibodeaux

The Highly Sensitive Radical™

Interpersonal Communication + Relationship Strategist

Becoming a Highly Sensitive Radical

Course Overview

Module 1

Revere Yourself:

Learn how to deeply admire & respect yourself as the foundation for self-advocating.

In this module, you'll be able to foster a secure sense of self-reverenceā„¢ that will embolden you to champion your gift of innate, high sensitivity and galvanize you into using your personal agency to take aligned and inspired action in asserting the reality you want for yourself.

Module 2

Advocate for Yourself:

Learn how to effectively communicate your needs, feelings, thoughts, and reality with clarity, integrity, assurance, and consistency.

In this module, you will learn and hone the unparalleled skills needed to initiate and navigate hard/awkward/serious conversations, facilitate confrontation and discourse, and become a boundary badass. You'll learn to verbally and physically advocate for yourself without crippling fear, guilt, or shame.

Module 3

Advocate for Others:

Learn how to stick up for others in the face of bullies.

In this module, learn how to radically speak and act in defense of the bullied, frightened, and ill-resourced. Learn how to effectively champion and support the voiceless, underrepresented, marginalized, and suffering. Learn how to do this in person, online, at work, within the family, within friend groups, and with your partner(s).

What People Are Saying

Working with Alexandria has helped me to move out of place of judgement of myself and get in touch with the parts of myself that need healing. She has helped me navigate where I need to work in a way that is very straight forward and catered to my specific situation. She is amazing and tapping into exactly what I need to focus on with clear instructions and is careful that it is something that feels safe for me. I love working with her, it has changed my life.
Tiffany G, CA

Alexandria provided me with clear and concise questions to ask myself during a time period in my life where the decision I was faced with was in a total gray area. She helped me navigate through the murky waters of my emotions to a clear decision that brought peace to my soul. Her ability to read between the lines, connect with her surroundings, and attentively listen and pay attention to detail gives her an upper hand to add much needed perspective to a number of scenarios: personal, relational, or professional. I recommend her as a coach to help you align with your inner voice of reason. She is a true delight to converse with and receive amazing feedback!
Tiffany M, St. Louis

I wanted to take the time to articulate my long-running gratitude for you. I have watched you grow and build your business, but aside from the admiration I hold for you as an ever-pursuant businesswoman, I want to focus my gratitude on the services that you provide. After our conversation, Transformation Session, I felt the need to pursue the journey that is Self-Reverence and Love for myself. You are well read and knowledgeable on the ability our minds hold to remold and re-authenticate ourselves, even after enduring trauma! I was a skeptic, I will not lie, as culturally I was taught the good ol, "Toughen up buttercup" mentality. Nevertheless, I went in with a somewhat closed mindedness and you derailed my questionability in just 30 minutes. I am amazed at the revelations that came about and you gave me a safe space to be able to reveal some great and not so great parts of myself. I think when one thinks of a coach, they assume the coach will just tell them what to do. You guide and mold our thoughts in a way that makes us stay true to ourselves and our current abilities. As a scientist I firmly believe, " Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result." A quote from Oscar Wilde. I resolutely affirm that what you are providing are the conditions for our overall self- success. Thank you!
Miryam T, El Paso

As an HSP, it can be challenging and overwhelming to navigate this insensitive world; my transformation session with Alexandria was what my soul needed. I felt so seen, validated, celebrated, and empowered! I learned, healed, and feel cleared of any self-doubts I was experiencing. Thank you Alexandria for this empowering and healing session!
Nicole J, Gurnee

I had a brief coaching session with Alexandria to help clarify a decision I am making. She was quickly able to help me see the situation more clearly and gave me effective tools to help evaluate my decision. She is very kind, warm and understanding. Alexandria is a wonderful speaker and a wise and helpful guide. I'm grateful for her clarity and support.
Sadie K, Maui

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