Biz VIP Day

For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Scripts Written & Tailored to Your Unique, Interpersonal Communication Needs with Your Team
with Alexandria Thibodeaux

There are marketing copywriters. Let me be your personal copywriter!

"Ughhhh! I don’t want to think about this, let alone DO IT! I know this will benefit me but the idea of figuring this out and/or doing it stresses me out so much that I put it off, try to put it out of my mind, and avoid it."



"Wow...I was so stressed about thinking about this, let alone having the emotional capacity to execute the planning process do this right now, and LOOK — IT’S DONE ALREADY! IN 1 DAY!"

I’ve removed the stress of YOU having to kick off this process. Now, you can just focus on using your power to execute, enforce, declare, assert, and advocate for yourself.

Scripts written & tailored for entrepreneurs & business owners

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  • To scale your business you've got to scale your team.
  • Your company's sales and overall performance don't have to suffer due to poor communication.
  • I help you make sure this STOPS in your biz & that it never happens again!
  • No more hight urnovers or misaligned team members!
  • No more assignments or expectations lost in translation!

To ensure effective communication with your team members, here's how I can help you:

  • I write personalized scripts tailored to your unique interpersonal needs in the workplace
  • This includes:
    • Hard conversations
    • Setting a boundary
    • Making a declaration
    • Making a request

What you get:

  • A uniquely tailored script written for you, that addresses the unique subject you want to address with someone, either verbally or in written form, with clarity and confidence and represents you and your objective authentically with poise, intelligence, integrity, inner-security, and self-reverence, and resolves the challenge you are facing to process, decipher, and plan this emotionally intense and important communication.
  • A 2-hour information session — we will speak on google meet for 2 hours to discuss your needs: the topic, or the task, of communication you need a written script for (a hard convo, a declaration, a boundary, or request) and I will take that information and honor how you want to be represented in this communication and write a uniquely tailored script to guide you through this conversation, declaration, boundary setting, or request with authenticity, poise, integrity, inner-security, and self-reverence.
  • A completed script emailed to you by end of day.
  • A coaching session for us to review and practice the script at the end of the day.
  • Learn uniquely valuable and creative written verbal communication skills that champion you, empower you, and serve/benefit you.

I'll have it written and sent to you ALL IN JUST ONE DAY!

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Come prepared with your solution (a need for a hard convo, a boundary to be set, a declaration to you want to make and assert, or a request you want to make — I am here to implement your vision, thoughts, feelings, and objective with words that represent you and your objective with authenticity, poise, integrity, inner-security, and self-reverence; you are responsible for providing the name of the task you need to be completed.

What People Are Saying

You have articulated what I’ve felt for a very long time.
In short, thank you!!! I feel like I receive confirmation that the way I handle myself is valid and I should not be embarrassed. I used to speak my mind and I feel like I am getting there slowly but surely, well at least with what I want. So again THANK YOU THANK YOU!”
Everyone should process and digest what you’ve said here ASAP. Tag some parents!