Alexandria Thibodeaux

This is a poem I wrote titled: Intuition & Ego

Intuition gets its data,

its knowledge,

its wisdom,

from one leading source —

which is you —

a sage system.

Intuition routes you back

to your authentic self,

with innate understanding

from a mind of wealth

that reserves all you know & believe to be true

for you, in those moments

when reality is new,

and uncertainty makes us sit in review

of what we already

have the answer to.

Intuition is secure

whereas ego is not —

because intuition is free

and ego’s knowledge is bought.

Ego looks to others

to decide what to think…

what to do,

how to feel,

when to smile,

when to blink.

Ego helps us, it does —

it keeps us aware.

it allows us to empathize,

it forces us to care.

Use it wisely,

use it well —

do not aim to erase it.

Just know that intuition

is our psyche’s preferred favorite.

Because it keeps us untamed,

living wildly, acting true.

And guided by our values,

our integrity —

complete authenticity through and through.