Alexandria Thibodeaux

This is a poem I wrote called: I Refuse to Fall

Resilience is the prize we win

for overcoming — not succumbing.

It’s the golden jewel we covet so

in our process of becoming.

It’s the elastic band we hold in hand to spring us back to form —

it finds a way to shelter us

and save us through the storm.

Resilience is recovery — it does not mean we’re healed —

it means our minds & bodies rise

with elasticity & zeal.

It means that we are quick to return

to once our previous form —

my previous form is a persecuted stray,

a dog fighting stress & forlorn.

A survivor is someone who people want to get tougher.

And to constantly survive

is to perpetually suffer.

So to say I’m resilient

is to say that I’ve fallen.

And I refuse to fall down,

defeated & rotten.

I am strong, this is true

because I know who I am.

I own my humanity and honor it so —

to reduce this is a sham.

I am someone who knows the weight of my power

in the presence of forces that aim to devour —

that strive to deprive & contrive a plan

to demolish my birthright to thrive & expand.

So to say I’m resilient means I can barely breathe -

it means my mind & body can succumb to a siege.

To say I’m resilient means I’ve fallen from grace,

in my eyes — not yours —

myself, I won’t efface.

Know I don’t fall

Know I don’t bend.

I REFUSE to fall down

I only ascend.