This is a poem I wrote titled: I Refuse to be Humble

I will not be humble

I refuse to subscribe

to a dogma that

aims to make me abide

to a patriarchal agenda

designed to control

the prevention of women from being whole.

And it’s not just women —

it’s every human being.

We expect each other to ignore

what we’re feeling —

which is that self-reverence

should actually be freeing!

But it’s not, it’s condemned —

which is why I am fleeing

from a cultural expectation

that keeps on decreeing

that having a modest

or a low a low point of view

of your significance to me

and your importance to you

is what each human should want,

what each human should do.

Here is the truth

that we already know —

that we’ve known all along,

our collective song:

No human is more worthy

or deserving of more

respect than another —

we’re equal to the core.

So I will not be humble.

Instead, I’ll be mindful.

Because I know my importance —

to own this is rightful

This doesn’t mean I won’t learn,

it doesn’t mean I won’t grow.

It means I’m secure

In that which I know.

I know that elitism is birthed from humility

And I know that I am aware.

I know that I am intentional

So there IS no need to compare

me to anyone else

on our skills or what we know

because each of us has

a rare set of skills

that propels us and others forward,

pushing us to go!

I’m eager to learn

from you and from all.

Just do not expect me

to get down and crawl

to anyone else

or to any situation

because everyone and everything

expands our education —

of each other

of the world

of different realities.

and of different experiences

and different mentalities.

Humility is regressive

and it’s counterintuitive.

Because surrendering oneself

makes one a fugitive!

A fugitive of self,

because we abandon ourselves.

We revoke our worth

even though our minds are compelled

to boldly assert our thoughts,

which are deeply withheld.

Please make no mistake:

always respect your fellow earthling.

Listen, hold space, and begin your unearthing

of what was not known

to you in that moment.

Because each of us is

a necessary component

to progressing humanity —

of this I am a strong proponent.