Oxford English Dictionary definition of "mother"

Mother's Day was yesterday, May 8, 2022. I Googled the definition of mother and the above image is a screenshot of what the Oxford English Dictionary provided.

Per the image above, this is how sensitivity is viewed and judged both internally (by family) and externally (by the outside world).

"Bring up a child with CARE & AFFECTION."

The example chosen & used to provide humanity with a thorough, clear, and concrete understanding of what it means to know, recognize, embody and conduct oneself as a mother is represented by an inability to bring up a child with care and affection–or mother–her sensitive child, her sensitive son.

Do you see how problematic, regressive, incorrect, and harmful this is??

This example representing the connection between mothering & sensitivity is contradictory & damaging — it’s not rooted in “care” & “affection”.

This example drives the narrative that sensitivity is wrong, difficult, & problematic — even more of an “issue” if children possess & express the gift of heightened sensitivity.

This representation of mothering is portraying & normalizing a lack of understanding, dismissal, neglect, & dissatisfaction with sensitivity in general and especially with their highly sensitive children (HSC).

Sensitivity is a gift and a strength that we all possess but highly sensitive persons (HSPs) possess superpowers of heightened sensitivity.

We HSPs are paying attention.

This is why I discovered this definition and example of mothering – because I’m paying attention. I’m highly sensitive.

Sensitive means “quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences” —“influences”.

Language is one of our most significant influences.

Language matters.

Our language creates our reality and feels how we approach, navigate, and understand our feelings/emotions & experiences.

Language influences and creates culture, & society, which shapes how we view & treat ourselves & others.

To all the highly sensitive mothers, mothers of highly sensitive children, and highly sensitive mothers with their highly sensitive children who are embracing their own and/or their children’s sensitivity with genuine & wholehearted care & affection — thank you! You are pushing the collective forward with empathy, acceptance, & respect!

Thank you to:

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