Alexandria Thibodeaux

This is a poem I wrote called: Highly Sensitive Persons

Highly sensitives are astute, perceptive, & empathic

Not irrational, neurotic, & weak.

We’re often quiet

We’re tender in nature

But do not mistake us for meek.

Our senses are heightened

Our senses are keen

Allowing us to see

What goes unseen.

So we sense the subtle

And are deeply affected

By the minute stimuli

That goes undetected

By others around us who are not as connected

To their surroundings

like we are

Because ALL the data — we’ve collected.

So all too often

Our sensitivity is unexpected

In a world where competitive personalities are respected.

While us HSPs remain rejected

In societies where WE are the leaders elected

To temper aggressive cultures

That are gravely defected

Because empathy and logic have been neglected.

We are the Royal Advisors to the Warrior Kings

Because awareness and mindfulness is what our sensitivity brings

To a world that minimizes life

And prioritizes “things”.

If sensitivity is a weakness then why am I so strong?

It’s because I’m self-reverent™ –

I know I belong.

We’re an asset to the world

We’re an asset to ourselves.

This physiological trait we have

drives and compels

Us to create

A world that propels

Humanity forward

With mindfulness & intention –

Because we’re paying attention.

So we break hurtful cycles

To end their retention

And lead to create a world of reinvention.