The law of attraction is considered, by its proponents, to be a “universal” law dictating that like always attracts like and negative always attracts negative. This concept is based in the belief that the universe “listens to” the desires that consume our thoughts and subsequently provides us those desires because we focused on it in thought: if you think it, it will come.

Essentially, it’s based in the belief that the universe possesses awareness, and prioritized awareness, of our thoughts as well as a sentient agenda to provide each of us nearly 8 billion earthlings our deepest yearnings.

How does this mindset differ from the now ancient and scientifically refuted belief in executive gods who were once thought to grant or deny us that which we desired?

Supporters of this law suggest thoughts are tangible forms of energy that travel the earth, influence the thoughts of others, and create what we are thinking about within the universe.

The thing is…

Energy is not a tangible thing.

Energy describes an object’s ability to cause change or do work.

So if this law were to, in fact, be plausible, then the success rate for most, if not all, people, should be 100% in manifesting what they want simply by thinking it:

ask, believe, and receive.

We know this is not the truth.

The success rate for those who follow the LOA is “0.1% according to the law of attraction authority, John Assaraf” (Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D.).

Accepting this law causes imposter syndrome!

Accepting this law as true strips you of your agency. This law is stating that by you living your life as though your goals, dreams, and desires have been realized, then you are alleviating doubt or negativity, which should realize and manifest what you want.

This is not true!

We need to assert changes in our lives by taking action!

This law also states that you should not surround yourself with what you don’t want. So for example, if you’re struggling with your mental health, the law of attraction says you shouldn’t surround yourself with support groups because the individuals who particulate in support groups do not live a life representative of the one you want, even though you could greatly benefit from engaging in a support group by gaining just that — support — as well as guidance, growth, and healing.

This law also states that you don’t have to take responsibility in working to gain what you want because simply thinking and believing it should manifest what you want.

So the law of attraction doesn’t work because it doesn’t exist.

The more accurate and realistic concept is the principle of attraction.

“The principle of attraction is an evidence-based phenomenon with foundations in positive psychology, goal-achieving research, and mind-brain sciences” (Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D.).

Language matters! Our language creates our mindset, which creates our reality!

Moreover, this is why the principle of attraction is abundantly beneficial to us: it gives us an opportunity to appreciate the power of optimism and positive thinking. Because positive people, people who practice being positive and optimistic, tend to have more personal success in their lives. They tend to have better careers, better jobs, higher salaries, more secure and meaningful relationships, and tend to be physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier.

Positive people tend to be surrounded by other positive people, which creates more positivity and abundance. And when we adopt the concept of like tends to attract like, it gives us an opportunity to actually visualize the process to achieving what we desire — what choices, decisions, and actions do you need to take.

Per Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D, “when we align our thoughts, feelings, and actions with our goals, it directs a particular part in our brain called the reticular activation system to sift through millions of sensory information to focus on that goal!”

He continues by saying, “like tends to attract like is a natural phenomenon that exists and occurs in our brains, not due to universal law.” Because the law of attraction is anecdotal as opposed to evidence-based like the principle of attraction, it’s very detrimental.

Natural disasters and social disasters are going to occur regardless of how positive or optimistic someone is.

The law of attraction victim blames, the principle of attraction does not blame victims.

The law of attraction will say that sick infants and children, and those who die from their ailments, are at fault. Whereas the principle of attraction will say that becoming ill or dying from said illness is absolutely not their fault.

When it comes to compassion the law of attraction will say to ignore the needy because those who are needy are not congruent with the goal and vision you have, which is to not be needy. The principle of attraction will say that empathy is necessary.

This one is my favorite because I hear this everywhere! In terms of action: the law of attraction states that the universe acts.

The principle of attraction focuses on YOU taking aligned and inspired ACTION.

I once saw a quote that said: “Nothing is accidental, the universe is too intelligent for that type of creation.”

To believe that the vast, ever-expanding, infinitely spaced and multibillion-year-old universe has a unique plan for each of us minuscule and insignificant earthlings, strips us of our agency and personal responsibility to create the life we want for ourselves — and for our fellow humans. The universe isn’t sentient. It has no idea who the heck we are and it has no conscious thoughts, especially not in relation to human life that exists among the infinite universe.

Also, if we are looking at any type of executive authority, especially one we do not fully understand (the universe), how can we presume to know what “it” wants? It’s illogical.

Remember, the universe existed for billions of years prior to the emergence and existence of human life — it does not exist or function for the comfort, convenience, and agenda of human beings.

Use the magic and power that is your personal agency to assert your dreams and goals and take action to support and nurture your desires! The power is yours! Use it to abundantly serve yourself (and as always, to serve others as well).

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