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External Validation Pushes the Collective Forward

We tell people what not to say to each other, what not to declare, and what not to express as a means to be polite, to be agreeable, to avoid rustling feathers, and to altruistically …

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Debunking The Law Of Attraction: Championing The Principle Of Attraction Instead

The law of attraction is considered, by its proponents, to be a “universal” law dictating that like always attracts like and negative always attracts negative. This concept is based in the belief that the universe …

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Trauma Bonds Tether Us To Unending Anguish: Sever Them by Pledging Allegiance To Yourself

Emotional trauma is multilayered — it’s aggressive, manipulative, and sneaky. And with regards to the sly nature of psychological abuse, it will support survivors to know they may still actually be connected to their …

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I’m Highly Sensitive, Not Highly Fragile

I’m astute, perceptive, & empathic — not weak, irrational, & neurotic.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who possesses an acutely sensitive nervous system due to a genetic and physiological trait called Sensory Processing …

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