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I’m Highly Sensitive, Not Highly Fragile

I’m astute, perceptive, & empathic — not weak, irrational, & neurotic.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who possesses an acutely sensitive nervous system due to a genetic and physiological trait called Sensory Processing …

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HSP Poetry Self-Reverence™

Highly Sensitive Persons

This is a poem I wrote called: Highly Sensitive Persons

Highly sensitives are astute, perceptive, & empathic

Not irrational, neurotic, & weak.

We’re often quiet

We’re tender in nature

But do not mistake us for …

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Family HSP

I Googled the Definition of "mother"...

Mother's Day was yesterday, May 8, 2022. I Googled the definition of mother and the above image is a screenshot of what the Oxford English Dictionary provided.

Per the image above, this is how sensitivity …

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"People Will Do Almost Anything to Not Feel Pain"

How relatable is this teaching from Queen B? 

Do you feel this? Because MY GOODNESS this is REAL.

It's real that we experience this on both the giving and receiving end of confrontation and accountability. …

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