Alexandria Thibodeaux

This is a poem I wrote titled: Boundaries

Boundaries abundantly benefit me.

They benefit thee.

They allow us to be.

While setting us free

To truly live in integrity.

Boundaries allow you to align your life

With your values, your nature, your character.

Our authentic selves must be sustained

Which is why we need a barrier.

What’s top of mind is protecting my peace

Ensuring that I can assert and release

My needs and my wants

From a place of self-care

From a place of self-love

Because I’m self-aware.

So don’t be offended if I assert myself

If I honor my needs

To preserve my health.

My health is my wealth

So I need to be stealth

To protect my well-being

And my quality of life

Because I refuse to live in constant strife

As a means to respect myself.

I need my peace to be rife –

Rife with self-reverence™

From an untamed foundation.

Integrity means peace

This is my most valued sensation.

So I’m going to preserve it

To keep it pristine

To keep it authentic

To make sure it’s seen.