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Poetry Self-Reverence™

I'm Loyal to Myself

This is a poem I wrote called: I'm Loyal to Myself, I'm Dedicated to You

I’m loyal to myself

I pledge allegiance to me.

Contrary is my belief

On the thought of loyalty.

Firm & …

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HSP Poetry Self-Reverence™

Highly Sensitive Persons

This is a poem I wrote called: Highly Sensitive Persons

Highly sensitives are astute, perceptive, & empathic

Not irrational, neurotic, & weak.

We’re often quiet

We’re tender in nature

But do not mistake us for …

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Poetry Self-Reverence™


This is a poem I wrote titled: Boundaries

Boundaries abundantly benefit me.

They benefit thee.

They allow us to be.

While setting us free

To truly live in integrity.

Boundaries allow you to align your …

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Poetry Self-Reverence™

Intuition VS. Ego

This is a poem I wrote titled: Intuition & Ego

Intuition gets its data,

its knowledge,

its wisdom,

from one leading source —

which is you —

a sage system.

Intuition routes you back

to …

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Poetry Self-Reverence™

I Refuse to be Humble

This is a poem I wrote titled: I Refuse to be Humble

I will not be humble

I refuse to subscribe

to a dogma that

aims to make me abide

to a patriarchal agenda

designed …

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Poetry Self-Reverence™

I Refuse to Fall

This is a poem I wrote called: I Refuse to Fall

Resilience is the prize we win

for overcoming — not succumbing.

It’s the golden jewel we covet so

in our process of becoming.

It’s …

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Don't Mind Your Business – Part 2

*Disclaimer: I quote people in this blog that use the terms "prostitute" and "hooker". These terms are offensive, harmful, and archaic and we should instead use the terms: "sex worker" or "full-service sex worker". …

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Don't Mind Your Business – Part 1

Last week, I was hanging out in one of my favorite corners of the internet, a Patreon hosted by two of my most revered inspirations. I arrived at their hub and joyfully watched another video …

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Family Trauma

“Honor Thy Father and Mother” — Sure, If They Earn It First

Respect is to be earned — no exceptions.

Ten commandments and religion aside, this notion that children are forever expected to morally obligate themselves into showing unparalleled reverence for their parents, biological or otherwise, is …

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I’m Highly Sensitive, Not Highly Fragile

I’m astute, perceptive, & empathic — not weak, irrational, & neurotic.

A highly sensitive person (HSP) is someone who possesses an acutely sensitive nervous system due to a genetic and physiological trait called Sensory Processing …

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Trauma Bonds Tether Us To Unending Anguish: Sever Them by Pledging Allegiance To Yourself

Emotional trauma is multilayered — it’s aggressive, manipulative, and sneaky. And with regards to the sly nature of psychological abuse, it will support survivors to know they may still actually be connected to their …

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Why We Should Stop Using the Word “Humble”

Humility doesn’t mean what we think it means. Generally, we think it means selfless and wise. What it really means is modest and submissive, two principles that reduce one’s worth and value, especially …

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Stop Saying “But” — Say “And” Instead

The word “but” uniquely triggers every human being when it’s directed to them because we generally misuse the term, rendering its use counterproductive. Furthermore, when we use the word “but”, we don’t correctly …

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Debunking The Law Of Attraction: Championing The Principle Of Attraction Instead

The law of attraction is considered, by its proponents, to be a “universal” law dictating that like always attracts like and negative always attracts negative. This concept is based in the belief that the universe …

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You Don’t Need To Be Fully Healed To Help Others — You Just Need To Be One Step Ahead

A dangerous form of insecurity and imposter syndrome that thwarts our endless potential to abundantly help, support, and serve others is the false belief that we don’t possess the skills necessary to do so because …

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You Do Not Exist For The Comfort & Convenience of Others

Being selfish means having a lack of concern for people and their needs and concerns and choosing to put your personal pleasure and profit above all else. Being self-serving means choosing to put your personal …

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External Validation Pushes the Collective Forward

We tell people what not to say to each other, what not to declare, and what not to express as a means to be polite, to be agreeable, to avoid rustling feathers, and to altruistically …

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Self-Reverence™ Is Self-Advocacy In Action

I believe in a world where each human being honors a deep respect and admiration for themselves, because we each possess unique gifts and skills with unparalleled significance in contributing to the progression of humanity, …

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