About Me

Hi there!

My name is Alexandria, commonly called Lexi, but I prefer Alexandria – I’m owning that now; personal development does that to you.

I’m a 28 years old, bubbly and exuberant multicultural Cajun living in Denver with my darling, HSP husband, John Malley, and our fur babies: Zuni & Theodore, our little lions, & Herman, our little wolf/dingo. Life is good here amongst the mountains.

I am also the poster child for HSPs. There’s 27 questions on the HSP assessment and I scored 26!  ¯\_()_/¯

My HSP Story

I learned I was a Highly Sensitive Person in August 2018. I’ll never forget that moment. My entire life, I was frustrated with who I was because I thought that I was difficult – difficult for others to deal with and difficult for myself to understand and deal with. I felt like something was always wrong with me because I reacted, thought, and felt so deeply and so strongly about so many things and it confused and frustrated me why others didn’t empathize with me, validate me intense emotions and reactions, understand them, or quite frankly, feel and react the same way I did.

It wasn’t until I was venting to one of my friends about how frustrated I was with myself that I literally could not keep a job, any job, in any field, in any career path, that didn’t make me completely and utterly miserable and depressed. At this time, John and I had just moved to Denver for his job and I had finally quit my 3-year hellacious, corporate career 6 months earlier without anything lined up in Denver. Out of financial desperation, I broke my promise to myself that I would never, ever work a traditional job again because they didn’t align with me in any way and made me miserable, I took a desk job at a staffing agency. The second I started working there, I absolutely hated it. I knew I would. I should’ve listened to myself and protected my peace. I should’ve honored my boundaries. So within two weeks, I had a breakdown and quit. I was so mad at myself for not being able to cope with the world like everybody else.

“Why am I so difficult!? I’m crazy!”, I said to my friend.

And then she said the words that would change my life forever: “you’re not crazy, you’re just ‘highly sensitive’”.

When she said those words: highly sensitive, they immediately resonated with me. STRONGLY. They sounded familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint why…

Since my B.A. is in psychology, I thought I must’ve learned it in school. But after much thought and perusing of my old textbooks, I realized my classes weren’t the origin of my familiarity with this term.

But I confidently thought, “this is a thing. I swear this is a thing!”

I gave it a Google and to my pleasant shock, it sure was! It sure IS!

I instantly felt validated in who I was and everything finally made sense – soooo much sense.

This immediately shifted my self-attitude from negative to positive. From limiting to expanding. From diffidence to confidence. From flawed to sound. From unhealthy to thriving.

At that time, I had just completed a career coaching program, in which I discovered my career that “felt like home”. I discovered being a coach was what totally aligned with me, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to coach on.

Once I discovered I was an HSP, that was it. It was a no brainer. I was going to help my fellow HSPs and those who know and love them. It felt right. And it is. I feel it every day. Mmmm…that is such a beautifully overwhelming feeling.

With my realization and positive life change, my goal is to help you change yours, too, and to create a global understanding and compassion for our under-known, under-appreciated, magnificent trait.

I’ve ALWAYS been extremely passionate and sharp about love and relationships and am thrilled and humbled to be part of others’ journeys to creating lives enveloped in healthy, happy relationships without having to change who they are.

Intimate Details:
  • Relationships are everything to me.

  • I am very bad at condensing and paraphrasing my words, verbal or written. I’m trying to be better about it – it’s a process…

  • I believe in the magic of science and Harry Potter.

  • I love to hike.

  • I’m scientifically spiritual; woo woo mentality doesn’t resonate with me.

  • I’ve been vegan for almost 8 years!

  • I deeply connect with people, non-human animals, and nature.

  • I swear a lot.

  • I love to be in water.
  • I’m obsessed with having deep, meaningful conversations.

  • I embrace vulnerability.

  • I love to dance.

Here are my safe shows:
  • Queer Eye
  • Bob’s Burgers

  • Parks and Recreation

  • That 70s show

  • Brooklyn 99

  • Silicon Valley

  • Arrested Development

  • Drunk History

  • Sex & the City

  • Scrubs