About Alexandria

  • HSP | Coach | Speaker | Writer | Trauma Survivor | Pattern Disrupter

  • Multi-hyphenate creative

  • Multi-passionate entrepreneur

I Am

Hello there! My name is Alexandria Thibodeaux! I am a highly sensitive Creole living amongst the Rocky Mountains of Denver, CO with my husband and our 3 animal companions: Zuni & Theo (our cats) and Herman (our dog).

I serve as a self-relationship coach, speaker, and writer who helps highly sensitive persons (HSPs), survivors of emotional abuse, and self-motivated individuals navigate life from a place of self-acceptance and operate via fierce intuition, unwavering self-respect, and complete authenticity! This is the movement that I’m furthering!

I do this work because:

I believe in a world where each human being functions from the foundation of self-reverence — deep respect & admiration for the self.


Because we each possess uniquely significant gifts to support our collective, global community, and progress human society.


Because each of us has triumphed over trauma! Overcoming both emotional and physical trauma is extraordinary and warrants infinite self-respect and self-admiration!

These truths represent each person’s extraordinary worth and value, meriting deep self-respect and self-admiration: self-reverence.

My Story

I am currently experiencing a journey I am calling an Identity Rebirth & Cultural Renaissance. You see — I am 29, almost 30, and discovered only just 4 years ago that I have African ancestry in my DNA. AND… it gets more interesting… it wasn’t until March 2020, that I actually received familial confirmation, affirmation, and validation that I am, in fact, a Black american. Essentially, I just fully and securely discovered that I’m Black after 29 years of believing and living as though I was white.


Yes. This is all true! It’s WILD!

Long story short — I’m Black, my parents are Black, my whole family is Black — and my parents (and biological sister who is 20 years older than me) rejected their truth as Black americans and raised me to do the same and believe and live as though I was white, which in their view, was better. I was raised to demonize Black people and anything related to Black culture.

Here’s the rub. I am Creole, a person or people of mixed colonial French, African American, Spanish, and Native American ancestry. To alleviate any confusion — this translates to the race of Black. I am Black. Creoles are Black. My parents and extended family are from Southern Louisiana and many of them still reside there. Not my immediate family. I was born and raised in one of the whitest places ever: Naperville, IL. So I grew up away from any people of color or any type of cultural diversity. Just white, white, white. Which is why I was able to easily live this gaslit lie of being white and white-passing, when I definitely wasn’t and still am not! It wan’t until I was 20 years old and met my wonderful husband, John, (the whitest man ever) and he enlightened me and I healed from my racist mindset. Thank goodness!

Now that I know my truth, I am whole-heartedly embracing it! I am a loud, proud, Black woman! It’s been a wonderfully expansive journey so far and I am loving learning more and more about myself and my culture each day!

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