Hello! I am Alexandria|

Coach | Speaker | Writer | Trauma Survivor | Pattern-Disruptor | HSP

You have abundant reasons to deeply respect and admire yourself.

How I Serve

I'm a Communication Coach who helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses and self-motivated individuals advocate for themselves through the implementation of effective communication.

I believe in a world where each human being functions from the foundation of Self-Reverence -- deep respect and admiration for the self.

This means we navigate life from a place of self-acceptance, which allows us to operate via fierce intuition, unwavering self-respect, and complete authenticity.

Self-reverence also allows us to more effectively communicate with those in both our personal and professional lives.

I also believe in a world where abundance is everyone's birthright!

And I'm here to help you claim and receive that abundance in both your personal and professional lives; I'm talking financial abundance, abundance in our interpersonal relationships, an abundance of knowledge, an abundance of healing, an abundance of personal growth, abundant love, abundant joy, abundant peace, and more.

★ I state at the top of this page that I'm an HSP. Curious to know more about what that is and what it means? Click the button below!

15 to 20%

of people are HSPs

and it equally affects men and women

Why I Speak

  • To further my movement
  • To teach & share knowledge
  • To share my experiences
  • To nurture community
  • To validate others
  • To affirm others
  • To nurture & maintain self-reverence

Why Speaking Is Essential

Diction and semantics give power and influence to our voice. And our voice boldly expresses the integrity of our thoughts, feelings, and reality — of our dreams, mission, and movement.

When we speak our values and share our stories, we declare to the world the one in which we want to live and the one we are working to create.

Speaking both to ourselves and to others represents and demonstrates our most authentic self!