HSP Relationship &

Communication Coach

Hello! I’m Alexandria!




I help highly sensitive people (HSPs) understand how their unique and incredible trait can foster and preserve relationships that will thrive and prosper – this includes romantic, family, friend, and professional relationships.

I also help loved ones and colleagues of those working with HSPs to better communicate and connect with the HSPs in their lives.

Join me in HSP serenity.


of people are HSPs

and it equally affects men and women

An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

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HSP Serenity


An 12 week program dedicated to helping you embrace and understand your trait of High Sensitivity to foster self-understanding, self-compassion, self-empowerment, and self-love. Being Highly Sensitive can be challenging at times, but it’s also your greatest superpower – own that badassery!


Lexi provided me with clear and concise questions to ask myself during a time period in my life where the decision I was faced with was in a total gray area. She helped me navigate through the murky waters of my emotions to a clear decision that brought peace to my soul. Her ability to read between the lines, connect with her surroundings, and attentively listen and pay attention to detail gives her a upper hand to add much needed perspective to number of scenario: personal, relational, or professional. I reccomend her as a coach to help you align with your inner voice of reason. She is a true delight to converse with and recieve amazing feedback!

TiffanySt. Louis, MO

Alexandria has demonstrated to me, time and time again, that she is an incredible mentor. She constantly reminds me that there is someone who understands, someone who will listen and empathize and guide in the best possible way. She has shown me that we don’t all have to go it alone. She always knows just what to say to reestablish confidence in my thoughts and actions. She is patient and kind, which truly makes all the difference. Her wisdom and energy are refreshing. I will forever be grateful to have Alexandria as my mentor. I highly advocate her as a phenomenal coach!

KoraNew Orleans, LA